BPTeC-Kenya engages organisations, investors and members with initiatives that promote partnerships among industry, academe and government for mutual growth

  • Outbound missions
  • Seminars and workshops for MSMEs
  • National conferences
  • Skills development initiatives
  • Policy alignment initiatives

All of these initiatives are geared to achieving business development, capability development and competitiveness enhancement in impact sourcing for the Kenyan IT & BPM industry.

Business Development

BPTeC-Kenya aims to facilitate the growth of the Kenyan IT & BPM industry, assisting companies and investors with access to opportunities in impact sourcing development, investments, technology exchange and other business opportunities.

Capability Development

BPTeC-Kenya employs the advantages of impact sourcing and digitization as a capability development tools that opens up avenues of growth for both Kenyan communities and businesses. We aim to bypass traditional barriers in order to connect Kenyan communities to the digital capabilities of IT & BPM.

Competitiveness Enhancement

Through impact sourcing, BPTeC-Kenya promotes a competitive IT & BPM ecosystem aimed at sustainable economic growth. BPTeC-Kenya does this with a focus on fostering an environment of digital technology and investment-driven opportunities and inclusive employment initiatives targeted towards low-income and disadvantaged communities.