BPTeC-Kenya: Reduce Costs and Stimulate Business Growth with Maximum Impact

Posted on Sep 20, 2017 by BPTeC-Kenya

Impact sourcing has been around for more thImpact Sourcing Employees in Kenyaan a decade and the world is starting to notice. Impact sourcing benefits low-employment areas, providing higher-income (40-200%) employment as well as new income opportunities to talented individuals who have a lot of potential.

Impact sourcing contributes both directly and indirectly to the growth of communities, support services and the local economy. To encourage and support such a scenario, the government is tapping the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry, which is identified in Kenya Vision 2030 as one of the six sectors through which the country could achieve economic growth.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is incorporated into the country’s overall development plan, with the national ICT Board playing an active role in promoting and positioning Kenya as an outsourcing destination. With Kenya being the industrial and financial hub of the East African Community, it won’t be long until the country’s dream of becoming a different kind of “technopolis” comes to fruition.


How can you create employment and alleviate poverty in Kenya?

The Business Process Technology Consortium – Kenya (BPTeC-Kenya) supports this vision by connecting people and companies to BPO and IT-enabled services, which in turn creates new opportunities and jobs. As a private sector initiative, we seek to promote and develop the IT-BPM industry in Kenya by supporting international and domestic investments.

We facilitate public-private partnerships toward Kenya’s advancement as a business process management and technology services hub. In order to achieve this, we direct our efforts and resources to supporting the capabilities and global positioning of Kenya’s IT-BPM industry.

BPTeC-Kenya focuses on the realization of the great potential of Kenya’s IT-BPM industry and its professionals. We network with different stakeholders to overcome barriers to the industry’s growth. Ultimately, we aim to do our part in the Kenyan economy’s transformation into a global brand known for technology expertise and a skilled workforce.

Kenya is on the rise, and is ripe for investment opportunities that can create impact.

We can help you become a part of that.


The Business Process Technology Consortium – Kenya is a private sector initiative seeking to promote and help develop Kenya’s Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management (BPM) industry by supporting international and domestic investments in the country. Visit our website at http://www.bptec-kenya.com/.