Promoting an enabling environment for BPO Investment into Kenya that will impact Kenya's economy, skills development and inclusive sustainable employment opportunities on supporting the IT & BPM global industries

Business Process Technology Consortium Kenya (BPTeC-Kenya) is a private sector initiative seeking to promote and develop the global IT and BPM industry in Kenya both internationally and domestic.

As an organisation consisting of the top technology and business process management companies operating in the country, we channel investments, facilitate development and competitiveness, and encourage pro-growth policy frameworks. We do this in order to provide greater development opportunities and access to Kenya’s businesses. BPTeC-Kenya focuses on realizing the great potential of Kenya’s IT & BPM capabilities and skilled professionals, helping to overcome barriers to opportunities and transform the Kenyan economy into a global brand rooted in technology and talent.

Vital to our goals is creating an enabling environment for innovations and investments to thrive and grow. BPTeC-Kenya achieves this by providing better access to skills, capabilities, networking and technology in IT, BPM and BPO to Kenyans and Kenyan companies. Ultimately, our goal is to help uplift Kenyan lives.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to establish Kenya as the preferred hub for business process management and Information Technology (IT) services.

Our mission:

  • To open up new opportunities and to create new jobs; connecting people and companies to BPO and IT-enabled services and uplifting communities with digitalization shaping global businesses.
  • To create greater awareness of Kenya’s strengths and capabilities in IT & BPM services through network development, investment promotion, skills development, capability development, regulatory/policy alignment, and competitiveness enhancement
  • To utilise impact sourcing models to develop a population of professional talent from Kenya’s low-income or disadvantaged communities
  • To establish good branding and thought leadership positioning for Kenyan industry players
  • To create greater opportunities for Kenyan companies and to attract new international investments


BPTeC-Kenya invites potential partners and international investors to partake in liaison and investor-awareness activities on Kenya’s strengths and capabilities within the IT & BPM industries.

We continually assemble a growing knowledge base of detailed case studies, white papers and investor-related information on Kenya’s burgeoning industries, urban areas and population. It provides investors and stakeholders with data to make smart decisions to build IT & BPM companies that will positively impact Kenya’s communities.


Our brand is all about impact. We help companies achieve their business goals and create jobs for Kenyans Kenyans who have limited access to professional opportunities.

We also enable an impact sourcing environment so that IT & BPM companies can in turn enable the Kenyan population with income, digital literacy, professional soft skills and working experience.

Through building a vibrant economy, we will enable IT & BPM companies to tap into the unique competitive advantages of impact sourcing, including lower costs, unique service, increased retention and market expansion.


Our organisation is all about assisting you with your bottom line, while promoting and securing a vibrant IT and BPM industry in Kenya that will help all partners aim towards mutual growth.

That’s BPTeC-Kenya's rationale; a platform of resources and opportunities for the success of the entire IT and BPM industry of Kenya along with the communities it supports.